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Thank you for stopping by our store. We want to do our very best to provide you with the Cheer Extreme clothing and other items that you are all looking for. We're always open to suggestions for new items and t-shirt design ideas. Please note that we are a small business and are not stocking hundreds of every size of every item. We do have an excellent supplier that will be able to keep up with our orders, so we will be able to get your items out to you very quickly using the US Postal Service. Just keep in mind that when you see an item on the site that you want, place your order as soon as you can before we run out. To keep things simple, the ONLY method of payment we will accept through this online store is PayPal. I have been personally using them for years and have NEVER encountered a problem, whether I was buying or selling. You can find them here: www.paypal.com.
 When you set up your account with PayPal, you can have them draw the funds from either your personal bank checking account, or your favorite credit card. Neither CEA-TEES nor Cheer Extreme will EVER have direct access to your accounts through purchases made here. Thanks for shopping with us, and thank you for being a Cheer Extreme fan!
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